Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm,

Hello, loyal readers and local food enthusiasts!

My name is Victoria Wheeler and I am writing to you in Jessa’s stead for the first and only time. For those of you who may not recognize the name, I have been the Farm Store Student Manager since our opening in November, 2013, and it is with mixed emotions that I am saying my farewells to you all this week. I have completed my undergraduate work and successfully earned my B.S. in Agriculture and Natural Resources. I am done and it is a strange, wondrous feeling. 10479899_10152525780699223_1252187357756393068_o

I began working my first paid job at the tender age of 14 and have since held down a variety of positions – landscaper, craft store clerk, waitress, bartender, teaching assistant, and shoes saleswoman (to name a few). I can confidently tell you now that every job I have worked before this one has been easy to leave. Either the job itself was not entirely pleasurable, or I eagerly left it to pursue greener pastures. Even though I leave here to embark on my next great adventure ass the Farm Manager for the Berea Urban Farm, I do so with a fair amount of apprehension and sadness.

If you have visited our store, you understand the quality of our products and service. You know that the breads are delicious, the bacon is the best, and the employees are happy to cater to your individual needs. You can imagine the time and effort we put into our work because you enjoy the results. What you can guess at, but probably cannot truly envision, is the genuine love and care that goes into everything that we do.

Retail and kitchen work can be stressful, and our store is no different. However, unlike fast food restaurants or grocery store chains, everything that we do is contextualized by the community which we serve. Simply put, we cook with you in mind. It is you, this community, who have made my time here so pleasurable. Your questions, your interest, your praise, and your gratitude have made me feel at home here. For that, I thank you.

And we thank Victoria for her work well done as a student, a worker, and a leader within our program. She has taught as much as she has learned and we appreciate all the hard work and dedication that she has contributed as a valuable team member of the Farm Store and the Agriculture & Natural Resources program. Be sure to visit her at the Berea Urban Farm and she continues to bring delicious, local food to our community!

Until next time, eat well!

Jessa Turner – Manager