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Mache at the Outdoor Market

Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm, Many apologies to Kaleigh and all our readers for neglecting to send this on Friday. Happy Graduation! It's the time that we've been reverently waiting for since the previous demise of warm, sunny mornings -- behold the return of the outdoor farmers market! That's right, folks, don't come [...]

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Moving Out

Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm, The end of the semester is upon us once again and it’s time to say good-bye to our seasoned seniors. Here at the College Farm, not only do we have an annual pig roast, we also have our traditional “Senior Roast” at the last labor meeting of the [...]

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Farm Field Day & Pig Roast

Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm, The date of the Agriculture Union's annual Pig Roast and Field Day has finally arrived! Join us on Saturday from 10am-2pm at the Berea College Farm. Hunt Acres is located just past the railroad crossing going out of town on 595, although there might be a detour going that [...]

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The Ripple Effect

Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm, Every so often a spirit comes into this life with so much beauty and kindness that the gravity of the earth is unable to keep it tethered to a worldly plane. Such was the case with the recent passing of Berea alum, Sara Fuller, class of 2007. An [...]

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Whole Lotta Eggin’ Goin’ On

5 April 2013 Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm, April showers bring festive Inaugural celebrations, and cluckin' hens - our proud girls have begun to lay more eggs than ever as the daylight hours increase, thank goodness - and because we're in the habit of using what we've got here in the agriculture department, we decided to make [...]

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Good Friday Market & Local Foods Expo

Howdy y'all! It's Good Friday, but we're still on for Farmers Market! Come n' get your goodies for Sunday dinner :P The hoop houses are kicking out plenty of greens for a delicious salad, and our market freezers are stocked with long-awaited beef roasts, and ham roasts, too. I'm not certain whether the dandelion greens [...]

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Seed Exchange Today

Due to the return of winter on the days following the Spring Equinox, come fill up on some comfort food at the Berea Farmers Market: sloppy-joe 'stuffer' muffins. A delicious twist on a run-of-the-mill weeknight's meal, these babies are portable, tasty, and messy in the best kind of way -- so much so that they've been aptly named 'stuffers,' as in, [...]

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BC Farm Newsletter: Birthin’ Bloody Mary!

Tis the season of birthing out at the farm, so piglets and goat kids be roaming 'round the yard. As of last night, there's been 11 piglets and 11 kiddos, true, there's sure to be more, maybe even a moo.   Apparently there's video footage of the sows farrowing, filmed by a student worker in on the action; [...]

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