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Mid-Summer Blues

Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm, Berea College summer classes are coming to a close this week and this means that the few graduating seniors still remaining on campus will be passing the torch to their successors. It’s always a mixed bag of emotion when seniors graduate since we are both sad to see [...]

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Outside the Bubble

Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm, A couple weeks ago, we introduced you to several of the interns working at the Berea College Farm for the summer, but as we mentioned, many of our students use summer as an opportunity to branch out from Berea to learn skills that will help them for life [...]

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Organic Farming Coordinator

Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm, Photo by Matt's wife, Meg Wilson Photography. For those of you that keep up with us on our facebook page, we recently posted about the pending departure of Matt Wilson, our Organic Farming Coordinator. Matt graduated from the Berea College Agriculture & Natural Resources (ANR) program [...]

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Internship Season

Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm, It’s summer internship season for colleges and universities across the country and Berea is no exception. While many of our students opt for adventures elsewhere, some choose to stay on campus to make an impact here. As one of the oldest, continuously operated college farms in the country, [...]

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Sunburst Farm Trout!

Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm, Some of you may recall that once upon a time ago, the Berea College Farm Store carried a selection of trout products from one of our regional partners in North Carolina, Sunburst Trout Farms. It’s not every week that we get a chance to take a trek through [...]

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U-Pick Strawberries!

Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm, Folks have been asking when the strawberry patch will be open for public picking and that moment has arrived! Until at least the end of May, the Berea College Gardens & Greenhouse (251 Scaffold Cane Rd.) will be open on Saturdays from 9:00-Noon for the annual picking frenzy [...]

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Cookouts, Mama’s Day, NKIK, and Strawberries!

Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm, We hope everyone was able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather this past weekend and finally dry out a bit from all the rain we’ve been having lately. We made the most of it at the Farm Store by pulling out the big grill and cooking [...]

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Hats Off!

Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm, Finals week is upon us here at Berea College and the exclamation point at the end of the week is the 143rd commencement celebration for all of our hard-working and dedicated seniors that will be going forth into the world to become the change-makers of the future. As [...]

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Hot Diggity Dog

Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm, Despite the incessant rain lately, temperatures are on the rise and it’s about that time of year when outdoor celebrations begin to make it onto our calendars. Potlucks, picnics, and cookouts start to dominate our evenings and weekends and food is an integral part of these gatherings. In [...]

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