Tis the season of birthing out at the farm, so piglets and goat kids be roaming ’round the yard. As of last night, there’s been 11 piglets and 11 kiddos, true, there’s sure to be more, maybe even a moo.


Apparently there’s video footage of the sows farrowing, filmed by a student worker in on the action; we’re working on making that available. As the animals create generational bounty, one can watch the greens growing at the hortiultural operation (aka greenhoiuse). Happy as clams that the daylight hours are becoming longer, expect greater greens ’round the bend!


The transition from winter to spring is upon us in the next week, March 20th to be exact, and we’ve prepared a gracious pot of chunky vegetable stew to celebrate the transition — behold Bloody Mary Soup — virgin, of course. A wee bit of kick, and garden tomatoes preserved from past season make this a yummy edible cocktail, with a side of cornbread. It’s even acceptable for Lent keepers who may have given up a certain vice!


The Local Food Expo and Plant Sale is coming up Easter weekend down at the Gardens and Greenhouses — mark your calendars if you’ll be in town — and we’ve been scheming catering ideas here in the agricultural marketing department. While it may not replace Easter dinner, look forward to a good fest of feasting and stocking up on greenhouse glory! Gather your seeds for next week’s informal Seed Exchange at the farmers market on the 22nd and the first plant sale of the season from 10-2 on the 23rd down at the BC gardens.


ATTENTION STUDENTS: Summer hours are still available. Job descriptions and applications are attached.


See you at the Market!


  Written By: Kaleigh Hire, Farm Marketing Apprentice           

Save the date:

March 22: Informal Seed Exchange 3:30-6 at the Market

March 23: First Plant Sale of the Season!! 10-2 at the Greenhouse

March 30: Local Food Expo & Plant Sale from 10-3 at the Greenhouse

April 13: Plant Sale from 10-2 at the Greenhouse

April 20: Pig Roast, Field Day, & Plant Sale (at Hunt Acres and the Greenhouse)