BEREA, Ky. The Berea College Farm Store first opened its doors in November, 2013, as the retail outlet for the oldest continuously-operating student educational farm in the United States. Since then it has offered products that are raised and prepared by students who work on the College Farm as part of their scholarship at Berea College. These products include: organic vegetables, fruits and grains; pasture-raised pork, chicken, beef and eggs; and ready-to-eat breakfast and lunch items featuring ingredients from the farm.

The Berea College Farm serves as the experiential-learning laboratory for students majoring in Agriculture and Natural Resources. Encompassing about 500 acres of land around the city of Berea, Kentucky, it produces beef cattle, hogs, broilers, layers, turkeys, field and forage crops, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and honey. Much of the food produced by the students is used in the College’s dining hall. The Farm Store offers those same products to the public, functioning as both a small grocery and eatery. The daily lunches are quite popular, as are the pasture-raised eggs, grass-finished ground beef, house-made sausages, and breads and pastries made with the farm’s certified organic grains and produce. The Farm Store occasionally offers short courses and workshops in baking, brewing and charcuterie.

On Saturday, November, 17, the Berea College Farm will offer a tour and tasting to mark five years of operations. The tour begins and ends at the Farm Store. Themes include “know your pastured-pork,” “year-round seasonal vegetable production,” and “grains to bread & grass to beef.” Transportation will be provided so seats are limited. Participants will enjoy the bounty of the College Farm after the tour with a lunch including BBQ sliders, mini muffulettas, house-made sausages, deviled eggs, pimiento cheese, spinach and eggplant dips, Berea multigrain bread, seasonal salads, fruit cobbler and house-made kombucha. Registration is $25 per person. Register and reserve your space in person at the Farm Store or by calling 859-985-3685 between 2 pm and 6 pm, T-F.