Berea College Farm Tour & Tasting

BEREA, Ky. The Berea College Farm Store first opened its doors in November, 2013, as the retail outlet for the oldest continuously-operating student educational farm in the United States. Since then it has offered products that are raised and prepared by students who work on the College Farm as part of their scholarship at Berea [...]

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Meet our smallest greenhouse worker

Most people are aware of the importance of honey bees (Apis mellifera) to our food supply. They pollinate many of the fruits and vegetables eat year-round and are critical for pollinating forage crops used to feed dairy cows. The Berea College Farm has maintained a small apiary at the College Gardens for nearly 20 years [...]

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Farm-To-Table Smoked Fish

As yields from global wild fisheries have plateaued, aquaculture has played an increasingly important role in supplying seafood to satisfy the growing market demand. The United States imports about 90% of its seafood – mostly from Asia - and about half of this is from aquaculture. What potential, if any, does aquaculture hold for small [...]

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Farm-To-Table Artisan Breads

The Berea College Farm produces a variety of certified organic staple grains like wheat, barley, rye, oats and corn. These crops are grown in rotation with hay crops and pasture to protect soil quality and ensure adequate crop nutrition. Much of the grain is used to make baked goods like bread in the College Farm [...]

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Farm-To-Table Hot Dogs

There’s an old saying that some things, like sausage, are best appreciated when you don’t know how they’re made. But on the Berea College Farm transparency is one of our goals. Our pastured hogs are processed nearby at Marksbury Farm Market – a USDA-inspected facility. Some of the cuts are packaged for retail sale, while [...]

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