BY RL REEVES JR Re-posted from: http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/2016/08/30/a-recipe-for-hog-jowl-bacon/#more-15174 CHARCUTERIE, RECIPES A RECIPE FOR HOG JOWL BACON POSTED ON 30 AUG, 2016 BY RL REEVES JR LEAVE A COMMENT A Recipe For Hog Jowl Bacon As a young man 20 years of age Thornton Wilder spent a summer working on the Berea College Farm in Berea, Kentucky. Scarcely [...]

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Protecting Grains after the Harvest

Student Farm Intern Profile: Helina Asrat By Maggie K. Smith The challenge of protecting staple grains from pests doesn’t end after the harvest. In fact, post-harvest losses can be comparable to or even exceed what is lost in farm fields, especially in developing nations. In organic systems, methods to minimize these losses must rely on [...]

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The Future of Forestry? Berea College Explores Sustainable Logging

Maggie K. Smith, Berea College Farm Intern Berea, KY—Agriculture and forestry at Berea College share a common root. Silas Mason, hired as the superintendent of campus grounds and professor of horticulture and forestry in 1897, established the first forestry program at Berea. He was so committed to forestry education that he purchased the first forest acreage [...]

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Berea College Farm Featured in Composting Compendium

Berea, KY – The Berea College Farm’s composting operation was recognized in the recently published Compendium of Organics Recovery Programs at Colleges and Universities, along with other colleges and universities in the Southeast leading the way in implementing waste reduction and recycling programs. Established as a small pilot project by students working on the Berea [...]

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College farm reduces carbon footprint

BEREA, Ky. – The Berea College Farm, the oldest continuously operating student educational farm in the US, has cut its greenhouse gas emissions nearly 50% by expanding its organic crop production and adopting low-input livestock management practices. According to a new study published in the journal Ecological Engineering, the farm increased its acreage of organic grain and vegetable [...]

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Regional Food Networking Opportunities!

Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm, It may have been chilly for last weekend’s Celebrate the Harvest event, but the rain played nice for most of the day and we hope folks were able to get out and see all the amazing work Berea has accomplished in the effort to increase local food production, [...]

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Picking Perfect Paw Paws

Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm, Even though I’m a Kentucky native, I had never heard of paw paws (Asimina triloba) until my twenties when I was managing the produce department at Good Foods Co-op in Lexington. A customer came into the store and asked if we carried this indigenous, green-colored fruit and at [...]

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Celebrate the Harvest Festival

Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm, Nothing brings people together like food. From family dinners and milestones to conferences and social gatherings, food is the focal point around which we commune, converse, and get to know each other. For those of you that live near Berea, September 12th is going to be an incredible [...]

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Fresh Food for a Fresh Start

Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm, Faculty, staff, and students have migrated back to campus for the fall semester and we are thrilled to welcome new faces and old favorites to the Berea College Farm Store. For those of you that don’t yet know about us, the Farm Store is the retail outlet for [...]

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Hours of Operation

Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm, The fall semester is fast approaching which means new faces will soon be seen around campus and at the Berea College Farm Store. For those of you unfamiliar with Berea College’s labor program, every student accepted to the college receives a full tuition scholarship but also must work a [...]

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