Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm,

It seems we may have spoiled you with our abundant and delicious U-Pick strawberries as many have been begging the question: Will you be doing blueberry u-picks? Drumroll, please…. YES! But don’t think it is out of the benevolent kindness of our hearts. The truth is, during the summer, we have more food being produced than we have hands to pick it.

The irony of the school calendar is that it used to be based on the agricultural calendar and students spent their summers bringing in the harvest with their families back home. This calendar persists even though fewer and fewer students are needed on the homestead to help with such tasks. In fact, many often end up on the other side of the food spectrum passing empty calories through a window to eager hands protruding from a car. Perhaps at some point the Department of Education will choose to revisit this type of schedule, but in the meantime, our short-staffing is your gain!

Blueberry U-Pick will be happening THIS SATURDAY from 9-noon at the Berea College Garden (251 Scaffold Cane Rd.). Pints are $3, quarts are $5, and gallons are $18. If you’re planning to attend the Whippoorwill Festival and/or the Berea Craft Festival, you may not have time to pick your own, but no worries, we’ll still have some available at the Berea Farmers Market.

Blueberries aren’t the only treat we’ll have at market. In addition to our pork, beef, and eggs, the farm can keep you well-fed with blackberries, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, onions, basil, garlic, and chard, as well as our black beans, stone-milled oatmeal, and sweet-heat salsa!

Thanks for supporting your local farmers and artisans!

The Berea Farmers Market is located in front of the Hospital. Tuesdays 3:30-6:30, Saturdays 9:00-noon.

Need something in a hurry? You can get many of our products at the Berea College Store at 108 Main St. You can also find us on Facebook!


  Save the Date:

July 11-13: Come see some of your favorite Berea College Farm faculty and staff at the 3rd annual Whippoorwill Festival at HomeGrown HideAways. 

July 20: Have lunch with us at the Field to Fork Festival!