Our beef enterprise consists of 50 cows and is primarily composed of Angus as well as Angus crossed with Gelbvieh, Red Gelbvieh, Devon and Simmental cows.

The calving season is April through May, when the pastures are in full spring flush and able to support the high nutritional demands of animal lactation. All calves are tattooed and ear-tagged, with the males being additionally castrated within the first week of birth. The calves are then fence-line weaned at 7-8 months of age. While some heifer calves are retained as breeding stock, others are finished on pastureland alongside the steers. Our beef cattle operation is managed entirely on pastureland in order to produce grass-finished beef.

The cattle are rotated on mixed perennial pastures year-round and supplemented with hay as needed. Grazing is managed intensively with the use of portable polywire and pigtail fencing. This system allows for sensitivity to plant growth, grazing efficiency, and a more even distribution of manure for nutrient cycling.

The Animal Welfare Approved beef that we produce is sold to the College’s dining hall, to the community at the Farm Store, and to individuals and families as custom-cut whole or half beef.