Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm,

The fall semester is fast approaching which means new faces will soon be seen around campus and at the Berea College Farm Store. For those of you unfamiliar with Berea College’s labor program, every student accepted to the college receives a full tuition scholarship but also must work a minimum of ten hours per week. This means that every semester, new students fill in the openings left by graduating seniors as former freshmen move up in rank in their various labor positions. As such, orientation and job training become pivotal first steps when introducing new students to life inside the Berea Bubble. clock

To accommodate these upcoming schedule changes and prepare for the new arrivals, the Berea College Farm Store will be closed August 19, 20, and 21. We will be open regular hours on Tuesday (noon-6:30) and Saturday (9-4) along with our friends outside at the Berea Farmers Market. You can bet if the stars align for us on Saturday, we’ll have our grill out and Chef Nathan will be ready to feed you lunch as well!

Some of you may have noticed some minor changes in our operating hours over the summer to offer lunch during the week. We hope to continue this exciting and popular endeavor into the new academic year. Since this depends on students, their class schedules and extracurricular activities must be taken into consideration in making their work schedules, so please stay posted for announcements of slight changes to our schedule and offerings beginning in September.  We want to make sure that our customers can rely on us to be a steady and consistent source of delicious, local food while also allowing our students the necessary time and attention to focus on their studies as well. It’s a delicate balance and we look forward to meeting your expectations in the upcoming school year.

Speaking of expectations, we know a few of you have been disappointed that we ran out of hot dogs this past week, but have no fear, we’re planning to make more this week so be sure to stock up so that you’ve got enough to get you through our brief respite next week. Don’t forget to stock up on tomatoes as well! If you buy at least 20 pounds of our certified organic tomatoes, they’re only $1.50 per pound. Buy 40 pounds or more and pay only a $1 per pound! Both the Madison and Estill County Extension Offices are offering food preservation classes coming up soon so be sure to contact your local office about those.

Until next time, eat well!

Jessa Turner – Manager