Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm,

It’s summer internship season for colleges and universities across the country and Berea is no exception. While many of our students opt for adventures elsewhere, some choose to stay on campus to make an impact here. As one of the oldest, continuously operated college farms in the country, the Berea College Farm is able to offer a variety of unique opportunities to fit an array of interests. Below are some of the students working with us this year and what they are doing.

Photo by Frances Buerkens

Photo by Frances Buerkens

Hannah Carter (2018) is working in our apiary and since many of you have been asking about honey, you’ll be pleased to hear that she’ll be doing a small honey harvest in a couple weeks. Depending on the size of the harvest, we may have some available for sale, but she’ll at least be offering samples to generate some buzz before our annual fall harvest.

Dakota Burrell (2017) is our aquaculture intern for the summer. For a limited time, he’ll be harvesting and smoking the catfish we’ve been raising out on the farm. Reviews have positive so be sure to look for these in our deli case while they last!

Jonathan Dazo (2016) has returned to the Farm Store again this summer, but this time around, instead of just working on the production side of things, he’s following the path of our grains from seed in the field to harvesting, cleaning, milling, and finally into the bag of flour or fresh-baked loaf of bread you take home to your family.

Morgan McClure (2016) is this year’s poultry intern and she is focused on how to most effectively increase our egg and meat production to meet consumer demand of humanely-treated, pasture-raised birds. Frequent visitors to the Farm Store have experienced shortages in Berea College raised poultry products and Morgan is working hard to close those gaps.

Sydney Marshall (2016) has been working on the college farm since she was a freshman and this summer, she is spending her time with the goats evaluating nutrition of the does and parasite management.

Last, but not least, John Dougherty (2015) is keeping things in focus behind the camera as he spends his summer documenting a variety of the Farm to Table products we produce here at the college farm. Look for his photos and videos to be posted on our website as we get it updated and improved.

Until next time, eat well!

Jessa Turner – Manager