Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm,

Berea College summer classes are coming to a close this week and this means that the few graduating seniors still remaining on campus will be passing the torch to their successors. It’s always a mixed bag of emotion when seniors graduate since we are both sad to see them leave after getting to know some of them for several years, but it is also exciting to watch where the journey takes them next. However, if we, the faculty and staff, have done our jobs well and the students have been active engagers in their education, this transition just becomes a hallway of open doors, ripe with opportunity. blueberries

It seems appropriate that the end of summer classes falls during another time of transition. Summer solstice is now in our rear-view mirror, which means from now until December, the days are going to start getting shorter and shorter once again. This always makes me feel a little melancholy since I personally enjoy the extra daylight, warm weather, and plethora of outdoor activities. However, as a consolation prize, it also means that my favorite summer fruit is coming into season and that I can fight those mid-summer blues with blueberries! The harsh winter took out several of our bushes, so production is down this year and we most likely won’t be able to do blueberry U-picks, but you can get fresh pints in the store for the next few weeks while we wait for the blackberries to ripen.

In other produce news, carrots and potatoes are starting to come into season along with the first tomatoes and fresh garlic. Zucchini, squash, and cucumbers will soon be replacing the spring greens so be sure to get your fill of leafy vegetables before they’re gone! Speaking of gone, we hope you had a chance to get a bottle of the summer honey harvest since we are already sold out of our beloved Berea Gold! If the hives continue to do well, you may get another chance this fall, but I can guarantee that it won’t last long!

An exciting addition that has returned to the shelves of the Farm Store is Berea College pasture-raised chicken. The first delivery has already arrived so you can now find whole birds in the freezer case again. Our butcher has also been training the students on how to part out the birds so for those of you that don’t want to buy a whole bird, you can now look for your preferred cuts. Birds have also gone into the smoker this week so smoked chicken and smoked chicken salad will be back on the menu. The best part of this year’s batch of birds is that by doing the butchering and smoking in-house and increasing on-farm efficiency, we’ve been able to drop the price by a dollar per pound!

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Until next time, eat well!

Jessa Turner – Manager