Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm,

Having gone through bouts of drought in recent years, it seems gratuitous to complain about the rain, but drowning fields offer just as many challenges as cracked, dusty ones. Wheat and barley need to be harvested and the carrots need to be weeded, but people and machines just sink deeper and deeper into the soil if these activities are not timed appropriately to the weather.

Luckily, the Berea Farmers Market has a Plan B in such cases. Based on current weather patterns, customers can plan to find their favorite foods and crafts safely sheltered from the rain inside the Berea College Agriculture building, located at 230 N. Main St. There are a couple parking spaces in the front of the building, but we recommend that you go ahead and drive towards the Hospital parking lot. Instead of turning right into the lot, take the small road to the left and enter through the back of the building, where you will be deposited in the midst of your local purveyors. If the weather changes its mind (as is quite customary in Ky), you’ll see us in our usual spots outside.

For those of you that have been missing our Tasty Tuesday/Foodie Friday fare, we have a treat for you tomorrow. As some of you may already know, the proprietary spice blends in the Berea College Breakfast and Chorizo sausages were developed by our students using taste panels from our very own customers. This summer, Senior Agriculture Major, Emily-Grace Sarver-Wolf, has been taking part in a summer research project to develop a new specialty flavor:

“The goal of this research is to replace our current bratwurst recipe with a new and improved one. There will be 3 different recipes to try and a form to fill out to help us figure which one folks like best. After the votes have been cast, we’ll take the favorite recipe and continue to refine it (look for more samples at following markets!) until we have an original Berea College bratwurst recipe.”

What could be more delicious on a (potentially) rainy day than a bratwurst taste test? (Ya know, besides the ubiquitous bacon). The last sampling was scarffed up in about an hour, so come out early if you want to have your say in the future of the flavor at your next cookout!

Thanks for supporting your local farmers and artisans!

Save the Date:

July 11-13: Come see some of your favorite Berea College Farm faculty and staff at the 3rd annual Whippoorwill Festival at HomeGrown HideAways.

July 20: Have lunch with us at the Field to Fork Festival!