Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm,

Don’t worry, your beloved strawberries will be available for one more market so get them while you can. Their absence on Tuesday caused such an uproar that the plants heard you and produced yet another round of ripe and delicious chandler strawberries. After that, the greenhouse and gardens will be offering the opportunities for U-Pick Strawberries weekdays from 9am to noon! Be sure to stock up on berries before they’re gone!

New products on the market this week include Baby Carrots and shell peas! As Janet said herself, “I haven’t had peas like these since I grew them in my own garden.” Although the strawberries are close to disappearing for the summer, we have a plethora of other products ready to make their debut in order to quench your desire for our delectable certified organic produce!

Our Kohlrabi is becoming more and more popular as people are braving their odd appearance to try them at a very affordable price! They’re good in all sorts of ways, I peeled off the leaves and outer skin and ate it like an apple! It was nice and refreshing on a hot and humid summer day (like the ones we get in Kentucky).

Here is a reminder that we will not be having spinach anymore unfortunately, be we will still have our other greens in stock. This includes our several varieties of lettuce (available by the bunch/head or in an 8oz. bag).

Fire up the grill! As always, we have our Animal Welfare Approved pork, goat, and beef products ready to be thawed and cooked for your enjoyment. We are short on beef products, however, we still have ground beef and a variety of steaks “chilling” in the freezer!

Last but not least, for those of you in need of herbs and spices, Oregano, Basil, Dill, and Mint can be ordered from the greenhouse, however, due to low market sales we will no longer see them outside at our markets.

Come and see us at this week’s markets, we can’t wait to see you in the bright sunny weather out to pick up your Certified Organic produce and Animal Welfare Approved meats!

Thanks for supporting your local farmers and artisans!

Written by: Brenna Mahoney, Farm Marketing Apprentice     

Farmers Market Rain Location:

Berea College Agriculture Building: 230 North Main St.