Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm,
Every year around this time, an odd looking vegetable pops up at market that looks something like a green or purple alien egg. Kohlrabi (Brassica oleracea Gongylodes) is sometimes called a turnip cabbage based on the German root “kohl” for cabbage and “rube” for turnip. Often mistaken as a root crop since it grows underground, the fleshy bulb is actually an engorged extension of the stem. Hailing from the cabbage family, this versatile vegetable can be eaten raw or cooked and has the flavor and crunchy texture reminiscent of broccoli stems.

Simple uses of kohlrabi include just peeling, slicing, and adding to salads; “kohl” slaw; or roasted with some garlic and parmesan. If you want to get a little more fancy and complex, you can use them in stew, curry, baked into home fries or carved them into edible roses as shown here: For more recipe ideas, check out this slideshow: or this list: If you purchase your kohlrabi with the greens still attached, they can be used the same way you might use kale or turnip greens.

If you’re not feeling quite adventurous enough to attempt kohlrabi just yet, blueberries are just now coming into season for us here in the bluegrass. These are currently available at the Berea College Farm Store, but if we get another bumper crop, be on the look-out for an announcement about U-Pick blueberries and in a couple more weeks or so, you can also begin to expect our huge and succulent blackberries and raspberries. To supplement our weekly newsletter, you can like us on facebook to get current information about what’s in season, baking in the oven, and what’s on sale:

To close out this week’s newsletter, we are pleased to announce that corn chips are finally back in the store. Sunflower Sundries in Mt. Olivet, Ky. mills non-GMO Hickory King corn, an open-pollinated, heirloom variety of white corn, to create a flavorful chip that seamlessly blends with all of our salsas or just by themselves. We also carry Jennifer’s handmade soaps in a variety of scents. To learn more about Jennifer and her products, check out this video: or her facebook page:

Until next time, eat well!

Save the date: Meet Your Local Farmer Tour, June 28.

Jessa Turner – Office & Farm Marketing Manager