Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm,

Our beloved newsletter writer is off to Ireland for the next month, but hopefully I can do my best to fill her shoes in the interim. The exciting news of the week is that with the fading of the strawberries, the blueberries are beginning to take their place. Personally, I’m pretty sure that blueberries are probably my most favorite food in the whole universe and I’ve been known to eat close to a gallon just on the car ride home. That being said, our Horticulture Manager, Janet Meyer, is graciously opening the doors from 9-noon for what very well might be the last Saturday U-Pick for the strawberries so stock up while you still can.

Another favorite that is coming into full flush are our super sweet carrots. Nibble them, roast them, shred them, or juice them – you can’t go wrong when you channel your inner Bugs Bunny. We’re selling these delectably sweet and crunchy treats for $2/lb, but if you’ve got a lot of rabbits to feed, you can get 5 lbs for $8.75 or invite the neighbors over and get 10 lbs for just $15.

In other Farmers Market news, we will be conducting a member meeting on Monday at 6 pm in the Public Library. We are always on the lookout for new vendors, volunteers, event coordinators, and customer input so we encourage folks to join us. Perhaps you may even decide to join our board of directors or help build our customer base by volunteering for Friends of the Farmers Market Association. We will be conducting our business meeting at 6 and at 7, a representative from Kentucky Proud will speak to us about grants available to farmers and markets through their program.

Thanks for supporting your local farmers and artisans!

The Berea Farmers Market is located in front of the Hospital. Tuesdays 3:30-6:30, Saturdays 9:00-noon.

Need something in a hurry? You can get many of our products at the Berea College Store at 108 Main St. You can also find us on Facebook!

Farmers Market Rain Location:

Berea College Agriculture Building: 230 North Main St.


Jessa Turner