5 April 2013

Dear Friends of the Berea College Farm,

April showers bring festive Inaugural celebrations, and cluckin’ hens – our proud girls have begun to lay more eggs than ever as the daylight hours increase, thank goodness – and because we’re in the habit of using what we’ve got here in the agriculture department, we decided to make quiche out of the abundance 😛 Come enjoy the decadence of bacon, spinach, and carmelized onion, or, sans meat, sweet potato, spinach, and onion wrapped up in crustless quichey goodness! Baby quiche cups are sure to be the egg of your evening, and perhaps can inspire as hors d’oeuvres or brunch fare at a future table near you! Never mind who came first: the chicken or the egg? We’ve got both! Don’t forget that we sell processed chickens at the market — $4/lb.

How about that cornbread we’ve been serving up? Many of you have commented on its delicious quality: what can possibly go wrong when combining honey and butter (besides your health if consumed in excess)? Why, the finest combination I’ve tasted has got to be baklava, but Berea College market cornbread is a close second 🙂 A friendly reminder that our cornmeal supply is burgeoning and the last of the wheat flour will be for sale also, mixed with a couple of farm fresh eggs, some buttermilk, and leavening agents for fluff, and you’ve got a stellar recipe for a belly full of down home success! What else with eggs entices our fancies? Frittatas. Pickled, deviled, boiled, scrambled, basted. International cuisines always have interesting twists on egg makin’ and oftentimes bakin’. Make now and freeze for later quiche. I must admit, my fancy is meringue.. not necessarily inclusive of banana cream, or butterscotch, or chocolate for that matter (okay, maybe), but straight up meringue. It’s fulfills that same niche that a box of Peeps does come Easter. Perhaps a sweet tooth is required, but if anyone shows up at the market with a bowl full of meringue – some merengue wouldn’t hurt either – we’d all be thrilled in one way or another I’m sure! The market normally turns into a folk dancing affair at some point, anyway.

Moral of the newsletter: Come join us for eggs, squawking, bawking, and a good time – the best ingredient of all – at the Berea Farmers Market!

Written By: Kaleigh Hire, Farm Marketing Apprentice     

Save the date:

April 13: Plant Sale from 10-2 at Greenhouse

April 20: Pig Roast, Field Day, & Plant Sale at Hunt Acres

May 4: MARKET MOVES OUTSIDE! St. Joe’s lawn from 9:00-noon!